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CEO Shinichi Kamada
We are engaged in the consulting business specialized in printing purchases and related matters. We always strive to provide optimal solutions according to every customer’s needs.
Corporate philosophy
“We would like to contribute to the improvement of customers’ profitability by reforming the procurement” –This is our motivation
We are trying to contribute to the reduction of customers’ printing costs and the efficiency of its related work by utilizing know-how of print procurement our company posesses. For this reason, we will thoroughly investigate and analyze the present situation of each customer, and formulate a realistic action plan which will produce the desirable results. And we act firmly and responsibly with regard to the operation and management of the action plan. “We would like to contribute to the improvement of customers’ profitability by cutting edge printing procurement”, this is the belief and motivation of all our employees.
Company Synergy Communications Corporation
Established 2008
Capital 60 million JPY
Shareholders VANFU Inc. / Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Location Iidabashi NK bldg. 2-29 Shimomiyabicho Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-5229-8508 ※Ask for Sakura
Web site
Board Member Executive Chairman Shinji Inukai
CEO Shinichi Kamata
Director Shunsuke Inukai
Auditor Satoshi Hayami
〒162-0822 2-29 Shimomiyabi-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan







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